Be part of a selected team of coaches

Reach people all over the world

Monetize your training like never before

1. KuaiFit coaches create training plans by completing a spreadsheet with interval sections and intensity triggers; and record the voice instructions for every interval.

2. After submission, training plans are encrypted and uploaded to the KuaiFit platform.

3. Users purchase / download training plans and profits are split 50% platform and 50% coach.

4. Plans are deployed through the KuaiFit Headphones, which automatically adapts them to each user using patented technology, proprietary algorithms and clinically validated sensors.

- Training plans must have a duration of one month and coaches are advised to create followup plans so users can advance in their training and download new plans monthly.

- Coaches must complete one spreadsheet per training plan and record the voice notifications with a microphone supplied by KuaiFit.

- Depending on the type of plan and target user, coaches can decide the number of intervals per session (20 maximum) and the number of sessions per month.

- Training plans can be for running, swimming, cycling, triathlon, gym, general fitness and recovery (KuaiFit is open to consider plans for other sports).

- US$200 per plan you upload to the KuaiFit Store (upfront cash payment).

- 50% of the profits your plans generate worldwide (unlimited lifetime recurring revenue).

- $30 commission for every KuaiFit Headphone you sell.

- One free KuaiFit Headphone per training plan you create (to give or sell to your clients).

- KuaiFit Coach Account (create and manage your training plans).

- KuaiFit Coach Page (advertise your personal/business details and services).

1. Click here to sign up and create a Coach Profile

2. Sign the KuaiFit Coach Contract

3. Download the KuaiFit Training Plan Template

4. Write your first training plan in the spreadsheet provided, and send it to KuaiFit to check.

5. KuaiFit send you a microphone to connect to your computer and do the voice recordings.

6. Your plan is uploaded to the KuaiFit Store and you receive the upfront payment, followed by your monthly commission payment.